About Palladium Properties

Residential Property Management

Helping Homeowners Achieve their Lifestyle Goals

Palladium Properties was founded to assist homeowners accomplish projects that they might otherwise not be able to handle. To illustrate our depth of services, the following is a case study on how we helped one homeowner sell their current property and downsize to a property more in line with their needs.


Palladium was contacted by a concierge realty group to assist with one of their clients. The client recently lost her fiancé and needed to find a smaller, more manageable home due to her own deteriorating health.

How we helped

Upon inspection of the property, Palladium recommended numerous work items that were necessary to sell and receive top dollar on the home. The client first moved to the home about 15 years ago and like many people fail to make upgrades. Therefore, the home needed a significant amount of work.

In addition, the client needed help moving to her new location.

Palladium coordinated and executed on all of the home improvement projects for the client. These projects included simple handyman and carpentry services to more extensive flooring, plumbing, electrical, painting and landscape services.


Because Palladium was able to execute on all items the client did not need to interview, hire and monitor contractors on her own which saved her time and money. And because a real estate concierge group and her certified financial planner recommended us, she had was confidence in our ability to get the job done correctly and on time.      

The home ended up selling at the high end of the price range. Thus the client ended up netting a lot more for the home than she needed to invest with Palladium. It was money well spent.

Now that she has moved into her smaller, more manageable home, she is contracting Palladium Properties to manage the upgrades as well.